BBTOYS DIECAST MODELS is a company dedicated to the sale of die-cast metal cars and other types of toys, whose mission is to meet all quality standards.
complying with all commercial security standards, so that your purchase is carried out satisfactorily.
10 years of experience in the field of online sales support us, just as we are a responsible company committed to our customers and workers, being one of the best.
bbtoys diecast models. takes care of each one of the details of the packages sent so that they arrive in perfect conditions to our most valuable customers.
One of our quality standards is to pack with materials such as 100% biodegradable bubble wrap and recycled cardboard boxes, also taking care of the environment.
Each one of the boxes is visually inspected, that it does not have any type of blow, scratch, dent and they come in their original boxes knowing that it is of the utmost importance for our appreciable clients.
Let us work with you our valuable customers and get the best experience in the market always ready to give our best for you bbtoys diecast model always thanks you for your preference!!!